Private Cloud Platform

Dedicated on-premise or IaaS-based installation. Speed up development, reduce cost & complexity of infrastructure management, improve uptime and security

Private Cloud platform Enterprise Grade


Get the system up and running smoothly. Built-in management and monitoring tools simplify the VMs orchestration in private and hybrid cloud environments


Pricing policies that meet the requirements of public cloud hosting providers and private cloud customers. Turnkey solution and fast time to market with minimal investment.


Customization and architecture tuning for specific industry or workload requirements. Assistance while migration from any cloud or legacy infrastructure.

Container-Based Platform-as-a-Service

Automates creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of cloud-native and traditional applications. Supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Go environments, as well as Docker and Kubernetes clusters

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Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud service that is provided for a single customer (organization) and is not shared with any other users. Here, you maintain your own servers and infrastructure to host your application and data.

Public Cloud is a computing service shared among multiple customers (although each user’s application and data remains hidden from others). All the server configurations are maintained by vendors, ensuring that less management is required from you. The benefits are a quicker time to market and simpler hosting.

Private Cloud is a dedicated computing service for a single customer (organization). Compared to Public Cloud, the setup process is more complicated and may require greater investment (e.g. on the operations department to maintain server), but provides complete freedom over the platform. The benefits are security and flexibility. A client also can request managed services from private cloud hosting providers.

The main benefit of the Private Cloud Hosting is complete control over the platform (connection, hardware, applications, etc.), and security (the isolated server ensures independence of any other customers). This allows creating a platform that is optimally suited for your particular needs. For example, the high level of data protection makes it a preferable choice for storing sensitive data. Herewith, for additional security and even greater isolation, Private Cloud can be built on-premise (i.e. locally, based on your hardware).

The two main types can be defined – Virtual and On-Premise.

On-Premise is a type of Private Cloud reside in a dedicated data center. This makes a platform completely isolated – there are no “neighbors” to share hosted resources. The advantages are full control and exclusivity.

Virtual Private Cloud runs on public or shared infrastructure, and isolation is ensured through virtualization. An individual, private IP subnet is used to isolate resources, and the connection is performed via virtualized networks or encrypted channels. It’s a middle-ground solution that takes benefits from both Public and Private Clouds.

The price of obtaining Private Cloud at OXIDE is straightforward we usually consult with you about your requirements and then we cost out the Private Cloud based on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.  

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