Auto-Scalable Clustering for Enterprise Databases & Applications

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Auto-Replicated and Scaled Databases

Projects need a truly reliable and highly-available data storing system to ensure service quality. And configuring database clustering from the scratch can be a complicated task. Offer managed DBaaS (SQL, NoSQL, In-Memory, for Big Data, etc.) to your users without complex manual configurations using pre-packaged databases with replication and automatic scaling.

Auto-Scalable Java EE Clustering

Java EE often looks like a black box when it comes to deployment, scaling and clustering. You can get rid of this complexity and target enterprises using pre-configured clusters in domain mode with automatically scaled instances and standard flows for zero code change deployment. The default topology and scaling triggers can be easily adjusted.

Automated CI/CD Pipelines

For simplifying deployment automation, advanced CI/CD packages can be used to deliver code into the preliminary built container images. These packages implement a number of configurations to set up automatic deployment with committed changes to the cloud using GitHub, GitLab, Docker Hub or Jenkins, making them available for the further testing with minimal delays.

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