Managed Kubernetes Hosting with Multi-Cloud Availability

Pre-packaged clustered solution available for automated installation

Multi-Cloud Clustered Kubernetes Highly available

Pre-configured Kubernetes Cluster

Using Kubernetes clusters on top of Oxide allows one to easily containerise and migrate existing applications, run scalable microservices and keep them resilient to failures, get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilisation, implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher speed in shorter release cycles. 

The package goes with a set of already pre-installed components and installed automatically.

The Rise of Containers

Once an internal project from Google, Kubernetes has changed the way software development is done these days.

A white steering wheel on a blue background seems to be everywhere now. Business wants to grow and pay less, DevOps want a stable platform that can run applications at scale, developers want reliable and reproducible flows to write, test and debug code. Kubernetes promises it all.

Now that Oxide offers managed Kubernetes, spinning up a cluster can’t be easier.

Multi-Cloud Platform for K8s Clusters

Instant vertical scaling based on the load changes fully automated by the platform

Fast automatic or manual horizontal scaling of K8s worker nodes with integrated autodiscovery

Oxide Shared Storage is integrated with Dynamic Volume Provisioner so physical volumes used by applications are automatically placed to the storage drive and can be accessed by the user using SFTP/NFS or via integrated file manager

Provision the clusters across multiple regions, clouds and on-premises with no fractions and differences in configurations and no vendor lock-in 

Production-Ready Environments for Containerized Applications

  • Easily containerize existing applications and run hyper scalable microservices keeping them resilient to failures
  • Provision purpose-driven disposable clusters allowing full ownership and avoiding resource conflicts between development teams
  • Get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilization with elastic containers
  • Implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher level of speed in shorter release cycles

Pre‑Installed Kubernetes Components Out‑of‑Box

  • CNI plugin (powered by Weave) for overlay network support
  • Traefik ingress control for routing HTTP(S) requests to services
  • HELM package manager for auto-installing pre-configured solutions
  • CoreDNS for internal host names resolution
  • Dynamic provisioner of persistent volumes
  • Metrics Server for gathering statistics
  • Built-in SSL for protecting ingress network
  • Kubernetes Web UI Dashboard

Multi-Cloud Availability for Clustered Installations

  • Provision the Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds and on-premises with full interoperability and no vendor lock-in
  • Automatically scale them vertically and horizontally easily achieving high availability across data centers. New workers are automatically connected to the cluster
  • Manage the multi-region and multi-cloud workloads via a single panel with intuitive UI, as well as automate the DevOps processes with open API and Cloud Scripting


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